Eriola Kapaj

UX designer, MBA

Interested in the intersection of technology and design, and how those two fields can come together to create meaningful and intuitive experiences for users.
My key strengths are:


“Design is about 3 dimensions and 5 senses” – Sacks.
My understanding of empathy is to try and walk in the user’s shoes; aka to have the same emotional and mental experience as users. By being a good listener and communicator, I have empathized with users in every project.


Research takes up a lot of space in my projects; before, during, and post-launch. Although I am self-taught in research, I have practiced lots of primary and secondary research. Currently, taking a course in data analysis on how to analyze quantitative/qualitative data using Excel.


I get inspired by working closely with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders while ensuring that everyone is aligned on the project goals and the user’s needs. I have realized that is important to communicate clearly and be present while collaborating with my team.

Illustration of a berry girl during lunch break

Town Common Media

Research and design from ground up the website of a local newspaper where readers find weekly stories about their local community.

Landing page of the Town Common Media web design.

Tufts CREATE Solutions

Designed the website and logo of a research department on climate change at Tufts University.

Create Solutions Logo in black and white, illustration

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(Tufts Institute for Global Obesity Research)

Created a website and logo design for the global obesity research department of Tufts University.

TIGOR logo black and white illustration

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Tufts COVID Tracer


UI designer for the Tufts COVID Tracer app , an effort to fight the spread of Covid19 among members of Tufts community.

Tufts Covid App Logo in black and white illustration

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Icon Set


Designed a set of athletic icons 24×24

About Me

Portrait Eriola Kapaj photo

About Me

I’m a user experience designer with a great passion for design and a desire to positively impact people’s lives. UX design to me is beyond the design of a product/service; it is primarily the psychology of its users and the business.

That is why I have taken a deep interest in studying MBA to understand the business mindset while creating products that meet users’ needs.

A little about my design thinking/process:


Use UX design principles to look, listen and learn about problems.

Excel at creating order out of chaos; whether distilling research insights or dealing with a giant spreadsheet, I enjoy having hands-on the tiniest details – and then cleaning it up.

Use visualization to create systems, communicate research findings, and better understand complex relationships.


Find ways to co-create – with users and stakeholders. The best work happens when we bring others into our process; so I tend to spend lots of time facilitating and listening.

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