Tufts CREATE Solutions

CREATE Solutions brings together innovative, solutions-driven climate research from across Tufts University and builds capacity for further research and impact. Tufts University focuses on creating solutions to the global climate change crisis.


  • Ensure accessible information architecture for easy content discovery by several unique audiences such as students, professors, researchers, faculty, etc.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.
  • Design an informative website to attract future sponsors and donors.

Team Work

Tufts CREATE Solutions is research site that publishes work and invites users to interact with their events and findings used by its over 5 million researches accross the global. Our task was to redesign an interface into one that was functional, engaging and informative.

My Contribution


  • Researched best practices, performed a heuristic evaluation on the current site and conducted user testing to inform the user experience direction.
  • Prototyped fundamentally different concepts for the structure, layout and results display. It was vital for the site visitors to find clear paths to what they needed like research, people who work in the research department, educative events, etc.
  • Created a simple system for all that content. With numerous researchers who contribute an impressive amount of content, it was essential that their team be able to easily publish and manage it, and their visitors be able to seamlessly browse and search.

    Pictures credited to Tufts Create Solutions

Prototype of people page

Prototype of research page

Homepage design

Style Concepts

  • Designed iconography and page layout to create engaging and dynamic pages.
  • Created page designs that can scale and flex in different platforms.
  • Prototyped animated features that appear as the user scrolls through the page for a smoother interaction.

About page design


  • Site reached 1 million unique page views in the first 6 months of publishment.
  • The team received around 10K new applicants interested in getting involved with the research.
  • The design flow was well received by all deparment team who are updating it daily without the need of development help.


Worldwide viewers in the first 6 months

New applicants

The website design is a communication road to bring awareness to global climate change, based on research of the Tufts University faculty and researchers. Navigating through the site is easy, and intended to bring the viewer where they want to go as soon as possible without complications. The pages are short and filled with the most important information. This leads viewers to read the full information on each page and saves visitors time.

All Work

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