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Brandon Abdullah is a World champion in martial arts. Based in Florida, he is sensei to different age groups teaching mostly karate. Since COVID19, he was not able to teach kids karate therefore, he wanted to offer online courses for them.¬†This website is an online representation of sensei Brandon’s skills and what he offers in his courses.


  • The information architecture needs to be accessible for easy content discovery.
  • Fully responsive build in Squarespace.
  • Improve brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling.

My role

This was a freelance website design and development that I created in Squarespace. I designed the website in Photoshop and developed it in Squarespace.

Phase 1


Sensei Brandon came to me while he was recording his courses videos. It is the first website of his career and it is a huge privilege to me that he trusted me with it. At the time he was focusing on the name of his business and its branding.

The goal of this website design was primarily to share with the world who sensei Brandon is, his skills, and what he offers. While kids of age 13-17 are his audience, the target in this website were their parents. This would include new content areas and overall deeper storytelling across the site.

Homepage design concept 1

Phase 2

Style Concepts

One of my favorite things about this website design is that the client provided me with lots of good images and videos to use. As soon as the website page loads, it is crucial for the viewer to see where the logo is, the menu burger, and the CTA (call to action button). The rest would be an amazing mix of icons, text, colors, and images.

Home page design concept 2

The website for Sensei Abdullah is responsible, user-oriented, with a storytelling following throughout the site.
The website got 950 viewers in the first month and sensei registered 4 courses with 3 children for each course in the first month.

I had a vision of a website I wanted to create and Eriola made it look better than expected. Working with Eriola was great and easy. She is very knowledgeable and she listened to all of my ideas and requirements closely. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of the website. I would definitely recommend Eriola to anyone that is looking to create a website.

Brandon Abdullah
Martial Arts and Fitness
Albany, NY

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