Rabbit Run Builders

Rabbit Run Builders is a construction company based in Midcoast Maine. What makes this construction company unique is its focus on building with energy-efficient practices. On my first interview with my client what blew my mind was the enthusiasm for creating nature-friendly homes with cool architecture. An amazing note is that this idea started as a one-man company, whose wife is an amazing chef, his first project was building his mom’s house and now he has a full team to help him build throughout Maine.


  • Improve overall aesthetic and user experience to make the site more engaging.
  • Improve site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing.
  • Transfer old website created in Wix to WordPress with a better design and usability.
  • Design an informative, professional website to attract clients.
  • Create a responsive website for mobile and Ipad.


Improve overall aesthetic and user experience and to make the site more engaging

Improve site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing

My role

When Darius, the founder of Rabbit Run Builders and main builder, contacted me to help him design a logo and a website for his company I was thrilled. Darius is a guy full of ideas and owns many skills, so to work beside him in creating a website for his company was very exciting. I worked as a freelance designer, the project lasted several months due to content creation and pictures.
I designed the logo in AI and designed the website in Sketch. Then I developed the website in WordPress using the Divi theme.

Phase 1


The purpose of this site was to inform the viewers of what abolitionism means, ways to make the audience aware of human trafficking, and finally, find and read the comic books created by the founder of Abolitionista!.

The approach was focused on reorganizing and simplifying their site structure to highlight their mission, values, and outcomes. The objective was to create a clean, clear design that let their story connect and drive conversions. We created a new, user-driven content strategy to support their refreshed content.

Homepage builders

Homepage design

Phase 2

Style Concepts

Rabbit Run Builders is a construction company and its founder has an architecture background. For this site, his requirements were to emphasize the work his company has created so far to show all the different skills they provide. 

The Homepage is easy to navigate through, with images that are bright and eye-catching, short paragraphs, iconography, and social media. The title of each page matches the font and the heaviness of the logo, and on the portfolio page, all the projects are designed as posts. It is important for a company like this to design a full of life website, with an earthly tone, minimalistic and elegant at the same time.

Portfolio page design

This website design needed to be consistent with the company’s mission and goals. A visitor to the site can instantly tell what the company does and how it would benefit their lives. It is easy to navigate through the website with the purpose of spending more time in the most important sections such as the portfolio page and the services page. It is easy to find a way to contact this company. The overall design is user-friendly, detailed oriented and informative.

Eriola Kapaj was fantastic to work with!  In logo design, she was very creative and able to put together many design directions that we worked on whittling down and editing together until it spoke to the kind of thing I hoped for people to see as a representation of the business itself.
In web design, she expanded that creativity to a comprehensive palate of words, fonts, color, menus, hyperlinks, and photos.  She did all this with maneuverability in mind for the desktop and smartphone, so visitors to the site can find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.  She is hard working and straightforward in her communication.
I would highly recommend Eriola to anyone looking for web and logo design.

Founder of Rabbit Run Builders

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