Rabbit Run Builders

Rabbit Run Builders is a construction company based in Midcoast Maine. What makes this construction company unique is its focus on building with energy-efficient practices. On my first interview with my client what striked me the most was the enthusiasm for creating nature-friendly homes with cool architecture. 


  • Improve overall aesthetic and user experience to make the site more engaging.
  • Improve site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing.
  • Transfer old website created in Wix to WordPress with a better design and usability.
  • Design an informative, professional website to attract clients.
  • Create a responsive website.

My work

  • Interviewed the client one on one to understand his needs, requirements and goals for this project.
  • Researched best practices, and competitive markets.
  • Ideate –  brainstormed, prototype using Sketch
  • Tested usability, hierarchy and design functionality.
  • Developed the website on WordPress.



  • Simplify  site structure to highlight their mission, values, and outcomes.
  • Create a clean, clear design that let their story connect and drive conversions.
  • Design a new, user-driven content strategy to support their refreshed content.
  • Test out the redesigned site with users through A/B testing

Homepage builders

Homepage design

My contribution

  • Designed a welcoming, informative and engaging homepage.
  • Structured a simple, functional and interactive website for users to navigate through with ease.
  • Showcases a list of projects through imagery and video to give potential clients a clear idea of what work/services does this business offer.
  • Planned carefully every detail of the website, based on ethical codes showing safe, secure practices.
  • Communicated regularly with the client to keep him updated and make changes accordingly.
  • Developed the website in WordPress completely from scratch and customizable to my client’s needs.

Portfolio page design


  • The site was visited by 500 new visitors in the first 4 months after publishing.
  • The redesign of the website raised the revenue by 3.4% translated to $25k revenue per year.
  • Positive reaction from users and improved traffic to all site areas.
  • Increase popularity of the business services and products by 11%. (Data gathered by comparing with previous SEO).


Increase in Revenue

Eriola Kapaj was fantastic to work with!  In logo design, she was very creative and able to put together many design directions that we worked on whittling down and editing together until it spoke to the kind of thing I hoped for people to see as a representation of the business itself.
In web design, she expanded that creativity to a comprehensive palate of words, fonts, color, menus, hyperlinks, and photos.  She did all this with maneuverability in mind for the desktop and smartphone, so visitors to the site can find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.  She is hard working and straightforward in her communication.
I would highly recommend Eriola to anyone looking for web and logo design.

Founder of Rabbit Run Builders

All Work

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