Tufts Institute for Global Obesity Research

TIGOR is a leader for global obesity research, publish research in the highest impact journals. This website was designed to attract new faculty, train students and fellows, and integrate civicĀ and real-world engagement.


  • Create a digital product for TIGOR to share their research papers on obesity.
  • Inform and educate primary users on a global scale of the obesity crisis.
  • Attract new research students, and donors to be part of the program.

My Role

  • Research best practices performed an evaluation on the current site of Tufts, and conducted user testing to inform the user experience direction.
  • Create a clean visual hierarchy with content-heavy pages while harmonizing new functionality and legacy elements.
  • Design all UI elements such as icons across the site.


  • Clickable prototypes with different concepts for the structure, layout, and results display across platforms.
  • Conceptualized and communicated the ultimate vision for the homepage making it interactive and engaging.
  • Communicated the strategy to internal stakeholders.
  • Helped with the back-end development using WordPress knowledge and HTML/CSS
  • Provided training sessions to the client content team to explain WP and walk through common administrative functions in preparation for content migration.

Design a full set of icons used throughout the site.

Site Map created in Sketch

Homepage design


  • The target audience of this site was mostly millennials and Gen Z who according to research multitask between desktop and mobile screens. Therefore, creating a responsive website across platforms was crucial for this project.
  • Create clickable prototypes with different concepts for the structure, layout, and results display across media to use in usability testing.
  • Design minimal, engaging, enjoyable, and user-friendly interfaces throughout the website.


Pictures credited to Tufts Create Solutions

Interactive Homepage


  • The design of the website of TIGOR helped to better reflect the evolved mission of the organization and facilitate easier site maintenance.
  • The architecture allows for continuous deployment and the ability for merchandisers to publish content directly to the site without development assistance.
  • Surveys show that 84% of readers left with more knowledge about global obesity, shared it with their relatives and about 64% reached out to be part of the research. (Data taken from surveys as of 2021).


New users interested on the topic

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