Tufts COVID Tracer

Tufts University created an app to track Covid across the campus. My responsibility, as part of the design team, was to create the user interface (UI) for this app. 


  • Create the information architecture, and design of the app for iOS and Android usage.
  • Design an app that builds trusts for the users data such as students, faculty and its employees.
  • Encourage widespread use of the app among the primary target audiences. Overall goal of 70% adoption.

My Contribution

  • Create designs based on UX best practices: Simple, minimal and inviting.
  • Design all UI elements such as icons accross the app.
  • Design the App Icon for IOS and Android following human interface guidelines.
  • Responsible for communication with the developers for all UI elements.
  • Complete the project in a tight deadline.


  • Conceptualized and communicated the ultimate vision for the app design making it interactive and engaging.
  • Explain operation of how the app works alongside a suite of Tufts policies and tools to achieve a safer campus.
  • Clearly communicate how the app is safely and responsibly caring for users personal data.

Responsive and Interactive Design

The target audience of this site were mostly millennials and Gen Z who according to research multitask between desktop and mobile screens. Therefore, to create a responsive website across platfroms were crucial for this project.


Pictures credited to Tufts Create Solutions


  • Successful launch and roll out to all campus locations in July 2020.
  • Positive reaction from users and improved traffic to all site areas.
  • Safely shared Covid19 information with all users.
  • Successfully achieved 70% of user adoption.


Drive Adoption

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