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Tufts CREATE Solutions needed a logo for their research department. The logo has to show all sources of renewable energy combined together.

How do we design a logo with 6 elements that will look good in print, web, and different sizes?


Staying organic

The concept for this logo included lots of shapes and details, like solar panels and wind turbines. For this logo to be successful needed to have small details within a limit, so when it shrank in size will still be able to tell different renewable energy sources.


Sketch of the final Create Solutions logo

Logo Development

Sketch & explanation

It was easy to draw the sources of renewable energy but how do we put them in harmony with each other in a logo! After lots of brainstorming and inspiration mood boards, my team, at Tufts Uni and I decided on a circular logo with all elements within the circle and the titles around the outline.

Logo design

Designing in Sketch

My responsibility in the team was to illustrate the logo from scratch. We had discussed my sketches and on this stage I had to illustrate the logo digitally.

The elements presented were:

Wind Turbent
Solar Panel

The first concept was the illustration of all elements. Negative space plays a huge role in this illustration but since this logo, is used in an education department, was better to not leave space for interpretation.

First concept was developed into a more bold and more detailed illustration. This was the final logo design.
Find the final logo design here.

Added text to the final concept will only be used in certain situations, mostly print.

Create Solutions logo mockup

Logo design

Color version

The color palette was inspired by the renewable energy sources color palette. The colors are realistic and bright. This logo is used in a research department for the global warming crisis and therefore, needed to be happy and bright to show the positive impact of these resources on the earth.

Logo 3D design

3D design

Pushing further this logo design by exploring how 3D elements would look in the colorful version. It is really interesting to see how reflections, gradients, and shapes give a different feeling to it.

This version of the logo was designed in Illustrator (Ai).



Tufts Create Solutions logo mockup design


Design a logo for Ames Hotel

Ames Hotel is located in Vlore, Albania. The client hired me to design a logo for his hotel. The client provided the name of the business, and that he envisioned it to be a minimalistic/artistic logo. He was open to colors/fonts/shapes.


A minimalistic/artistic logo

When thinking of a hotel/building, my first thought is basic geometric shapes rectangular, triangle, square. And for the artistic side, wanted to include stars.

Logo Development

Sketch & explanation

Sketching helps my creativity flow. A paper to me is a canvas where I can create anything I envision. You will find me sketching when I am talking to my clients because most of my good ideas come from conversations with them.

The letter A and H are interacting with one another, where H is almost hiding between the straight lines that form the letter A. These letters have a geometric design, inspired by the architecture of the hotel (like a skyscraper only not as tall). The four stars, forming a “crown” on top, enlarging from left to right to give a sense of depth to the logo. Four stars because it is a 4 star hotel.

Logo design

Designing in Ai

The second step is designing the logo in illustrator (Ai). This is an important step because I transfer my sketch to a digital design and I can see better how it will look in real life. The challenging part was the space between the stars and the shape of the letter A. Thank the pen tool and pathfinder, I created this design. 

Logo design

Finalizing small details

Typography: Futura Bold

Color: Black #000000

Logo introduction

Client Talk

I sent my international client a pdf with all the logo ideas for this project. Walked the client through all the stages of the design, sent him sketches, mockups and he loved this design. Hooray!!!

AMES Hotel business card mockup

AMES Hotel logo mockup design

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